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Factors To Consider When Buying Bongs Bongs are special tools that stoners use so that they can smoke weed or tobacco. Bongs have been in existence even in the past olden times where they were commonly made of wood,especially bamboo stick because it was durable. There has been an evolution of in the make of bongs, the recent ones are now made of some tough kind of glass and not wood as before. One of the major reasons where glass bongs are loved by stoners is because they are easy when it corns to cleaning. Wood was hard to wash off especially the tar that would stick out the walls. A benefit of glass bongs is that you are able to enjoy them for a long time before you buy another. The dirt or tar residue does not block the pipes and thus they will always be effective. Bongs have some kind of a water system which cools off the smoke and thus reducing the tar content. One of the things you need to evaluate when buying a bong is how big it is and whether it will satisfy your needs or not, if you smoke most of the times then go for about big one. There are different online stores that sell bongs and there you should do some research before you decide from which one you will buy. In doing that, you need to consider if the online store has a variety of bongs that you can choose from, there are different types of bongs and they should be all available.
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Different bongs have different specifications and it will depend on what as the buyer you are looking for in a bong,we have dry and water bongs that you can choose from. Due to increasing popularity of bong business, there are some fake bongs and thus you need to be cautious so that you do not end up buying something that is of low quality from the shops.
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It is also good that when you are choosing which shop to buy your bong, you consider the number of following that they have on social media, the bigger the better. Before you pick on a shop where you will buy your bong, do a quick survey of the different prices they charge and go for the one that is most affordable. The kinds of bongs that the store has in stock is another factor, go from a store that has what you want. Stoners are secretive people and thus the way you package the bong for them should be subtle. Unlike the roll ups which require some skills to curve the paper, bongs are easy to use.

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