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Personal Injury Law: The Basics Disputes about personal injury happens when an injured person complains against another person for suffering personal injury from his hands. There legal remedy available is for the injured party to file a case against the party that caused the injury. The type of case that will be filed is a civil case and not a criminal case, for these types of complaints. Personal injury law governs these types of cases and complaints. Understanding what is involved in your case is a good place to start from before filing a case. But what exactly is personal injury law all about? The concept of personal injury is clearly defined in personal injury law, and you need to have a basic grasp of it for you to know if you have a valid case.
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The first is an injury. An injury is harm done to your person, not to your property. For property, any type of damage that it suffers, there is a different law. So any damage your property or possession suffers is not considered a personal injury.
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There are however a lot of instances when you can suffer personal injury not directly from people, but from their products, services, or certain circumstances like car accidents. But if no injury can be proven, then no case can be filed. But this can only be a civil case, not a criminal case. This means that if you win, you will get paid for the damages, but the other person will not go to jail. The second basic concept is that of negligence on the part of the person that caused the injury. The other person is guilty of causing injury if he fails to take the necessary action in order to prevent an injury from happening to you. But it has to be proven that your injury was a direct result of the other person’s negligence. There are different time limits for injuries under the statute of limitations within which you should be able to file your complaint, otherwise it becomes invalid. Usually, personal injury cases end up in a settlement. The lawyer of the other party may offer a cash settlement with a condition that you no longer file the case in court, and this idea should be agreeable to your lawyer. There is no need for a court trial if your lawyers agree on a settlement. The court will decide on any personal injury case that is brought before it to trial if attempts at settlements fail.

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